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Bayonne Bridge Steel Rope, Making History in Lower Manhattan

By Neal Buccino, Special to Portfolio Photos by the Port Authority’s Mike Dombrowski Six centuries ago, engineers in the Inka Empire designed cable bridges long enough to span Peru’s mountain gorges and durable enough to withstand earthquakes. They wove these … Continue reading

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Bayonne Bridge: The Case of the Missing Half-Scissor

By Neal Buccino, Media Relations Staff On a November day in 1931, a pair of scissors specially crafted for the occasion was used to cut the ribbon in the dedication of the Bayonne Bridge, whose magnificent steel arch was the … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet: Baby Peregrine Falcons Nest High Above the Region

By Roz Hamlett, Editor Does something about these cute little fuzzballs of ridiculous fluffiness inspire you to make cooing noises and pet them on their tiny heads? You’d be wise to rethink that. Because before you dissolve into unintelligible baby … Continue reading

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