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For the Natoles, It’s All in the TBA Family

By Lenis Rodrigues and Claire Elamrousi, Media Relations Staff When Port Authority Tunnel and Bridge Agent Nicholas Natole recently helped save the life of a bus passenger in cardiac arrest outside the Lincoln Tunnel, he regarded it as just another … Continue reading

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Climbing the Outerbridge. Is That in the Intern Handbook?

By Thomas V. Terzulli, Media Relations Staff Starting a new job or internship is all about getting used to new surroundings. There’s a new office, a new boss, new co-workers and even some new lunch spots. That’s no different with … Continue reading

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Barbara, Ben and Pongo Join the Port Authority’s Peregrine Falcon Family

By Joe Iorio, Media Relations Staff On a cool, overcast day in late May, Chris Nadareski and a crew of Port Authority employees cast off on a 25-foot boat, hoping to tag three peregrine falcons. After a quick 15-minute ride, … Continue reading

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