PAPD Promotes a Kaleidoscope of Blue

By Mercedes Guzman, Media Relations, Police Blogger

With invited guests, friends and family watching proudly, more than 80 of the Port Authority Police Department’s finest officers advanced in rank last week, during a moving ceremony at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City.

The 81 officers are a diverse group of individuals from distinct backgrounds, some of whom recognized early on their potential for police work and faithfully followed their calling into public service. Others like Sergeant Lawanda Irving chose a very different path before joining the department.

Years ago as the Assistant Dean and Director for the Student Program at Rutgers University, Sergeant Irving would never have dreamed in a million years she would end up in law enforcement. But during her time working with the students she experienced something of an epiphany – she realized just how much she enjoyed helping others and decided that being a police officer would give her the opportunity to fulfill her passion.

Now an eight-year PAPD veteran, Sergeant Irving possesses a true public servant’s heart. She spent the first four years of her law enforcement career at Newark Liberty International Airport and later transferred to the PAPD Police Academy for the next three years. Now, as a Sergeant, she is serving at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  Sergeant Irving graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Management and obtained her Master’s Degree from Farleigh Dickenson University.  She embodies completely what being a multifaceted person is about, and she’s just one of the many talented police officers that are happy to protect and serve at our facilities.


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