Taking Care of Business: New Restrooms at the Port Authority Bus Terminal

By Gregory Quinn, Special to the Port Authority

If the private necessity of using a public restroom in an immense space—especially one as heavily trafficked as the Port Authority Bus Terminal  (PABT) – creates anxiety, don’t worry.  We’ve all been there.  For the millions who use the PABT each year, we have some great news. The restrooms are undergoing a huge makeover.

In early June, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey completed a portion of Phase One of its proposed plan to completely overhaul the public restrooms at the PABT.  This phase consisted of a complete overhaul of the crossover (men’s and women’s) facilities on the second floor, with two restrooms on the lower level currently under construction.  Everything from the sinks, the stalls, the mirrors and more—all replaced by state-of-the art, aesthetically pleasing fixtures that will make the necessary act of using public restrooms a more pleasant experience.

The updated look of the new PABT restrooms is sleek and contemporary. The renovation is not yet complete at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, however. Plans for Phase Two of the restroom overhaul plan, which includes the remaining restrooms on the main level, are undergoing final reviews, and work should begin soon. When all is said and done, all of the 14 public restrooms (over 100 fixtures) at the PABT will be completely modernized.

With plans for the newly-refurbished restrooms at the Port Authority Bus Terminal well under way, the Port Authority hopes to provide a temporary respite to bathroom stresses that often accompany the daily commute until plans are finalized for a new bus terminal.

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