FRAMES: The Port Authority Bus Terminal’s Best-Kept Secret

By George DeFeis, Intern, Media Relations

 Hidden within the bustling Port Authority Bus Terminal is a bowling alley known as Frames; it’s easy to overlook, but hard to forget.  On a recent field trip there with a colleague, we were bowled over by the venue, pun intended.

With 28 lanes, full lane-side service, a beautiful billiards lounge, two fully-stocked sports bars, a ping-pong room, and a dance lounge, Frames provides a top of the line bowling experience with all the bells and whistles you might expect at the busiest bus terminal in the world.

It’s not surprising that people like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Carmelo Anthony and some of New York’s hottest stars have at various times visited this hidden gem.  However, Frames wasn’t always so great.  Instead of the five-diamond facility it is today, it was once a place you could easily take for granite and walk right past.  I know, a geology joke, ‘what a nerd.’  The bowling alley itself is decades old, but when Frames took over about eight years ago, the facility was updated with more than $20 million in renovations.  Besides an aesthetically pleasing interior, Frames’ location allows access to a wide variety of people through the bus terminal or through its street entrance on 40th and 9th Avenue, which was added during renovation.

It’s a great spot to kick back and enjoy a beer, or grab a bite after a long day of work. Being located inside the bus terminal gives Frames an advantage other spots just do not have. Patrons are able to get anywhere in New York or New Jersey without even leaving the building.  Where else could you find that?

P.S. If you are looking to miss the crowds, try going a little early, maybe before dinner.

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