For This Essential Worker, Her Favorite Role is ‘Mom’

By Cheryl Albiez, Media Relations Staff

Like thousands of essential employees, Keivett Francis-Harrison plays a critical role in ensuring that travelers and cargo at Newark Liberty International Airport arrive safely at their destinations.
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Francis-Harrison, an Operations Services Supervisor working from the airport’s Terminal B, is working long shifts during the pandemic, coordinating with the airport community and the Port Authority Police Department to maintain safe, secure and efficient operations and respond to any emergency situations that may arise.

But, despite being deemed an essential employee, the role she cherishes most is “mom.”

Keivett Francis-Harrison, the mother of daughters ages 23 and 19, values her time with her family more than ever during this extraordinary period. “I would not trade spending these moments with them for anything,” she said.

For Francis-Harrison and so many other mothers who are essential members of the Port Authority family, this Mother’s Day is unique. Many of them will be able to spend Sunday with their children and families, while others will be staffing agency facilities, continuing their commitment to helping the public get through the pandemic.

“I can have a positive impact on someone who may not be having the best day, or even having a hard time dealing with the intricacies of being in the airport as empty as it is,” she said.

For the bodyAir travel, pre-pandemic, was already stressful enough for customers, and the pandemic has made many people more uneasy. For Francis-Harrison, if she can just help ease someone’s anxiety, answer questions, or “just offer some human interaction, comradery and conversation,” she’s happy to be there. But for now, it will have to have to six feet apart and wearing personal protective equipment.

Keeping her family happy, healthy and safe also is a priority, especially since she is out on the frontlines. Her daughters – one an IT supervisor and budding actress, the other a college student – are living with her at home and are committed, as so many Port Authority families are, to keeping busy and making the days meaningful.

“More than before, I am trying to ensure that our daily diet is well-balanced. We have dusted off the treadmill and it is back in use,” she said. “I have also come up with my own homemade, all-natural immune booster. It doesn’t taste good at all, but it has benefits.”

This year, Mother’s Day will not be a day just for her. It means “being safe and ensuring that I stay healthy so that I can be there for my children, my colleagues and those that are depending on me to be there to be of assistance to them during this time.


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