On the Menu at Newark Liberty: Fine(r) Dining

By Cheryl Ann Albiez, Media Relations Staff

Each year, the number of passengers through Port Authority airports is setting new records. In 2017, 43 million passengers used Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) alone, as the airport continues to modernize and add best-in-class services and amenities.

That’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed, with a traveling public increasingly selective in its culinary wants and needs.

So, as part of EWR’s modernization, several new and innovative dining options are showing up on the EWR menu, including Tsukiji Fishroom, Classified and Liberty Diner, as well as Gateside Fresh Market, a traveler’s “grab and go” outlet for healthy eating.

Travelers at United Airlines’ Terminal C can now indulge in freshly sourced sushi from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world.


Several times a week, fish procured from the Tokyo market is loaded into the belly of a Boeing 777-300ER jet and flown on the airline’s nonstop flight from NRT (Tokyo Narita) to EWR.  Once the fish arrives, it goes to directly to Tsukiji Fishroom’s production room, featuring state-of-the-art forming and wrapping machinery imported from the Japanese sushi robotics innovator, Suzumo. It’s then ready for diners to enjoy the same day.

“At home, I have a very limited list of places I go to for sushi based on quality and freshness,” passenger Antonina Luppino said during a recent stop. “It was a pleasant surprise to taste how fresh the sushi at this airport was. After hearing where the fish comes from, it’s probably fresher than my local restaurants.”


Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

A more exclusive locale at Terminal C is United Airlines’ Classified so exclusive it is in an undisclosed area, available by invitation only to select customers. Those lucky enough to get an invite to the 36-seat restaurant are greeted by a host and guided through a “secret” walkway before entering the dining room featuring a “speakeasy” ambiance. The signature dishes are the brainchild of chef Nate Appleman, winner of the James Beard Award (the Oscars of food) and vice president of culinary for OTG, the restaurant company teaming with United Airlines. 

The most recent addition to the airport’s dining experience is Liberty Diner. With New Jersey often referred to as the diner capital of the world, why not add a diner in an airport? Although located in Terminal B, an international terminal, Liberty Diner gives patrons an All-American experience.

“We sat down here because of the Johnny Rocket’s vibe and its location to our gate,” said traveler Daniela Jaramillo. “We’ve enjoyed the experience and food so far.”

Designed in the iconic retro-style of the traditional American diner, the menu features classic American dishes, from bacon and eggs and waffles to double-fisted burgers, chocolate shakes and meatloaf sandwiches.


For hungry passengers with no time to waste, Westfield’s airport concessionaire also established the Gateside Fresh Market in two locations in Terminal A. Similar to the fresh produce of a farmer’s market, Gateside offers hand-picked, healthy products, such as artisan sandwiches with premium fillings. Customers can also choose from whole fruits, top-shelf salads and a wide range of snacks and drinks, as well as other multiple grab and go options.

“I’m always excited to see new and unique ideas brought to our airport,” said Diane Papaianni, general manager of Newark Liberty.  “Our customers are important to us, and we –  the Port Authority, the airlines, terminal operators and its concessionaires – are committed to providing them exceptional value, additional amenities and dining options that will elevate their overall experience.”

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