PAPD Blue Bloodlines

By Mercedes Guzman, Media Relations Staff 


Officer Nick Farfalla is congratulated by his grandfather Retired Detective Lieutenant Frank Farfalla (left) and his father Retired Lieutenant Frank S. Farfalla (right)

Newly graduated Officer Nicholas Farfalla has deep roots in the Port Authority Police Department. Last week during a graduation ceremony of the Port Authority Police Academy at the Thomas Dunn Sports Center in Elizabeth, N.J. Nick became the third-generation of his family to become a police officer — and the third successive family member to serve at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) command.


The senior Frank Farfalla pins badge number 1214 on his son, Frank S., in 1986.

Nick, 23, will wear the same badge that was pinned 30 years ago on his father, now retired Lieutenant Frank S. Farfalla, and that also was pinned on his grandfather, Detective Lieutenant Frank Farfalla, 60 years ago. Nick’s grandfather and father served the PAPD for 38 years and 30 years, respectively.


The 87th Class of the Port Authority Academy in 1986.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Ramapo College, Nick, who lives in Ridgefield, N.J. considered a number of different career options. While growing up, he had often visited his father’s command at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT), but being a police officer wasn’t initially at the top of his career wish list.

“Both my dad and grandpa would tell me how great it was being a cop and always encourage me to follow in their footsteps,” Nick recalled. “I took the exam just to appease them. But as time passed, the thought of being a police officer grew on me, and I realized it’s what I wanted to do.”

Nick’s father knew early on that being a police officer was his calling. His father would take Frank S. to the bus terminal when he was young. After seeing firsthand how fascinating the terminal was in the ‘70’s, he decided to work there, too.


Officer Frank Farfalla, “Grandpa” when he first joined PAPD in 1957.

The family is very excited about the growing PAPD dynasty. “It was always in his blood to be a police officer. He just didn’t realize it until now,” Frank S. said of his newly graduated son.

While the Farfallas’ story is rare, it is not the first time three generations of PAPD officers within the same family had graduated the police academy. Officer Thomas A. Kennedy, who graduated in 2014, also wore the shield number and badge of his father and grandfather who preceded him. And all three Kennedys served the same command at Kennedy Airport.

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